Cedric Dent Jr.

Cedric Dent is a proud New Orleans native and was raised in a single parent household. At only five months old, his father was sentenced to life in prison. Although being raised by a single parent in a tough environment was challenging, he managed to overcome many odds that were stacked against him. With one being a first-generation college student and soon to be graduate.

Cedric Dent is currently a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University pursuing a degree in Social Work. Cedric has been heavily involved in student organizations on campus while maintaining high scholastic achievement. Dent was involved in many organizations such as being an orientation leader, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., - Kappa Nu Chapter, member of The Student Government Association, and Coordinator of Project P.U.L.L. Project P.U.L.L. 

He currently obtains the honor of being Southeastern's  2018-2019 Homecoming King and a published author. His book is  entitled "Searching For Purpose and Understanding: Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life."

Upon graduation, Cedric plans on obtaining his master's degree in Social Work, writing additional novels, and uplift the community through various philanthropic projects and mentorship.

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