We all have one primary goal in life, which is to ultimately find and walk unapologetically in our PURPOSE. Want to gain insight on how to go about fulfilling your purpose in life? This would be a great read for you! This is a book that shows you how to be victorious in the face of defeat. You can do and be anything you want. You just have to believe that. Once you do, the sky is no longer the limit. You'll be able to go even higher than that.

Searching for Purpose & Understanding:Fulfilling Purpose In Your Life

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    - Acknowledgments 

    - Introduction of Author

    - Father, Can You Hear Me?

    - God's Plan vs Your Plan

    - Proper Preparation: Make the Choice

    - Importance of Developing Relationships

    - War with Love

    - Live Your Truth (Be of Integrity)

    - Who do YOU want to be?

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